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असम नेपाली साहित्य सभाको नयाँ प्रतीक
Assam Nepali Sahitya Sabha new symbol


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The Assam Nepali Sahitya Sabha is the pioneer Nepali literary organisation of Nepalese living in Assam. Its aims and objectives in short are - (a) developing language, literature and preserving culture and heritage among the Assamese Nepalese ; (b) establishing ethnic integration among the different ethnic literary organisations in the state ; (c) make known the various problems of Nepalese and finding solutions of them establishing relations/contacts with the literary, cultural and educational institutions of the state as well as central government ; (d) honour, falicite and inspire eminent and new literateures of the state etc.

The Assam Nepali Sahitya Sabha was established on 19th August, 1993 at Hawaipur in the district of Karbi Anglong, Assam, by the representatives of the state of Assam in a huge gathering. The founder President and the General Secretary of the Sabha were Dr. Laxmi Prasad Parajuli and Dr. Harka Bahadur Chetry respectively. Its first conference was held on 16, 17 and 18 January 1998 at Gamiripal, district Sonitpur. A full fledged Central Executive body was formed in it ; flag, constitution etc. were adopted here. Urgent proposals regarding language and literature were adopted. Afterwards, statewide activities of the Sabha came to be known among the masses. Presently, the Sabha has its 15 district committees, more than 100 primary branches all over the state. Its second full fledged conference was organised in 2004 at Silchar town and the third was held at Disangmukh, Sivsagar district in 2007. The ensuing forth three yearly conference is scheduled to hold at Bishwanath Charali, Sonitpur district in the year 2011. The organisation has been registered by the Govt. of Assam under Society Registration Act of 1860 as per its Memo no. RS/SPR/242/A/12-2001. its Headquarter is at Tezpur ; but for the convenience of smooth functioning two other Regional Offices are also opened at Hawaipur, Karbi Anglong and Golia, Sonitpur. Demands for opening up other two Regional Offices has already been raised in the eastern and western part of the state as well.
The Adhoc Committee of Assam Nepali Sahitya Sabha, 19th Agaust 1993. (Hawaipur)
1.LateBishnulal Upadhyaya.
2.Sri Tarapati Upadhyaya.
3. Sri Lil Bahadur Chhetry.
President: Dr. Laxmi Prasad Parajuli. Vice Presidents: Sri K.B. chhetry, Sri Khemananda Mishra.
General Secretary: Sri H. B. Chhetry , Joint Secretary : Sri Kamal Chandra Upadhyaya.
Asstt. Secretary: Sri Gopal Sharma.
Members : Sri Narayan Chandra Upadhyaya, Sri Dambar Dahal, Sri Pradip Rai, Sri Rohitabh Gautam,
Sri Bhaskar Subedi, Sri Hari Adhikary, Sri Uttam Adhikary, Sri Tilak Khanal.
Invited Members: Sri Ganesh Chapagain, Sri Umakanta Dhakal, and Sri Sashi Kumar Sharma.
The First Full-fledged Elected EC of ANSS was formed in Gamiripal On 17th January 1997 With Dr. Laxmi Prasad Parajuli as President and Prof. Kamal Chandra Upadhyaya as General Secretary.

Since very inseption of the organisation, it has organised a number of integrating programmes from time to time. On 19th and 20th August, 2001, the Sabha organised a two dayer conference of different ethnic literary organisations of the state - the vary Sabhas viz - Bodo Sahitya Sabha, Karbi Sahitya Sabha, Tai Ahom Sahitya Sabha, Manipuri Sahitya Parsishad, Rabha Sahitya Sabha, Garo Sahitya Sabha, Dimasa Sahitya Sabha, Tiwa Sahitya Sabha, Bengali Sahitya Parishad in collaboration with renowned literary organisation Asom Sahitya Sabha at Hawaipur, Karbi Anglong ; and the Nepali and non-Nepali scholars, intellectuals and media persons had highly appreciated and praised it as the ever new and peerless venture in the 70 years old history of Asom Sahitya Sabha in the state. Neverthless, Assam Nepali Sahitya Sabha has remained one of the founder members of "Sammilit Sahitya Sabha Manch, Asom'' constituted in the initiative of the Asom Sahitya Sabha. Moreover, it has corporated and participated actively in the different collaborative, co-relative activities of the same. It has maintained a custom to honour non-Nepali literateures and artists in its various programmes. It is praiseworthy to mention that the renown authoress of the USA Dr. Cindy L Perry has been felicitated called her at Hawaipur, Karbi Anglong, Assam, for her ingenuity in reaserch whereabout the Nepalese in the world, on 26th July, 2006.
The Assam Nepali Sahitya Sabha has been organising seminars / symposiums in the level of central, district and branches in various places of the state of Assam. Speeches and lectures has been delivered by vary subject experts and scholars on the subjects viz. language, literature, culture and academic side emphasizing the importance of them. It has also organised Kavi Sammelan, Bahubhashi Kavi Sammelan, workshop and so on.
The organisation has introduced an award namely "Assam Nepali Sahitya Sabha Puraskar" from 2005 AD onwards. The award is conferred to a personility eminent, aged who has contributed to the Nepali language and literature in a great deal. And the same has been conferred on to the Doyan of the Nepali and Assamese language, late Hari Prasad Gorkha Rai and to late Bishnulal Upadhyay in 2005, to Mr. Lil Bahadur Chetry for 2006, to Mr. Hari Prasad Khanal for 2007 and to Mr. Tarapati Upadhyay for 2008. The award contains Rs. 5000, a felicitation card, a packet of books and a medal. It has newly introduced another award for the young writers for their first and best work viz - "Sahitya Prabhat Puraskar", for inspiring them. It is to be conferred after every 3 years.
The Assam Nepali Sahitya Sabha has its own Bulletin namely "Sabha Samvad" of which seven issues have already been published so far upto July, 2009. Eighth issue is likely to be published in the second week of September 2009. It has published novel, poetry, translation, biography etc. By the by, the Assam Nepali Sahitya Sabha has edited / prepared and got published books for school level as well as college level in Nepali. It has been a collaborator cum collector and editor in preparation of "Madhyamik Nepali Sahitya", Part 1 for class IX and "Madhyamik Nepali Sahitya", Part 2 for class X in association with the Board of Secondary Education, Assam (SEBA), published by the Assam State Textbook Production & Publication Corporation Limited, Govt. of Assam. The Sabha has edited and published the only Nepali MIL textbook "Nepali Sahitya Manjari" for Degree Course of Gauhati and Silchar University. The organisation has got introduced Nepali Elective Course in the Degree level ; and has undertaken a scheme to publish the textbooks the course concerned. It is to be noted that a high level deligation of Assam Nepali Sahitya Sabha met University Authority on 11th April, 2009 regarding introducing Nepali MA Course in IDOL, as per letter no. ANSS/Edn/2009/325-11th April 2009. As a sequence of this, the University of Gauhati has opened and introduced MA Course in Nepali under its "Institute of Distance and Open Learning (IDOL)" as per Gauhati University Memo No. GU/ACAD/EDU/09/5097-510/dt 07-05-09. It is the outcome of continual, times and again trial and pressure caused on the University Authority at a stretch. The Sabha has a copy of the same sent by the Academic Registrar, Gauhati University.
It has planned to publish an introductory book on "Who’s who" of the North-eastern Nepali writers including all ; of which, the work is on progress. It is expected that it will come to light withiin a year. Further, contacted with CIIL, Mysore, Govt. of India for publishing the "Annotated cultural vocabulary in Nepali" in collaboration with the CIIL. The proof reading of the same is going on. The Sabha has also made arrangements for preserving the books, magazines, leaflets, periodicals etc.




#### EXECUTIVE BODY (2007-2010)

advisors : 1) Dr. Laxmi Prasad Parajuli, Sonitpur 2) Dr. Narayan Upadhyay, Dibrugarh 3) K. B. Nepali, Lumding, Nagaon 1) President :- K. B. Chetry
2) Working President :- Dilip Raut
3) Vice Presidents :- a) Tulsi Kafle b) B. L. Sarmah c) Pankaj Chetry d) Mrs. Binita Upadhyay
4) General Secretary :- Madan Thapa
5) Finance Secretary :- Devi Adhikari
6) Literary Secretary :- Dambar Dahal
7) Assistant Literary Secretary :- Ganga Nepal
8) Organising Secretary :- K. B. Rana
9) Publicity Secretary :- Rewati Raman Sapkota, Narayan Phuwel
10) Assistant Secretary :- a) Hemsagar Upadhyay b) Tila Kanta Karki c) Niru Sarma Parajuli d) Bishnu Sarma Neupane
11) Office Secretary (Hawaipur) :- Mrs. Juli Devi
12) Members :- Tilak Gautam, Meghnath Sarmah, Anup Rana, Badrinath Sarma, chyawan Sarmah, Dhanu Prasad Dhungel, Roshan Chetry, Kendra Prasad Upadhyay, Prakash Rijal, Bhaskar Subedi, Khagendra Dahal, Yadav Bhandari, Ran Kafle, Chandra Sekhar Upadhyay, Brij Lal Sarmah, Parshu Chetry, Suraj Newar, Pradip Rai, Jyoti Chetry, Dinesh Subedi, Bhola Bhandari, Narayan Chandra Upadhyay, Mohan Acharya, Jiva Nath Sarma, Chandra Dahal, Nimananda Upadhyay, Manohar Upadhyay, Purna Kafle, Tarapati Upadhyay, Hari Gajurel, Khemananda Mishra, Abikeshar Sarmah, Gopal Bhusal, Prof. Kamal Upadhyay, Mahendra Sahi, Khadga Bahadur Kausik, Kumar Pokhrel, Sal Bahadur Lo, Khilanath Adhikari, Hanuman Chetry


1. Prof. Jay Narayan Luitel (Advisor)

2. Dr. Laxmi Prasad Parajuli

3. K. B. Chetry

4. Prof. Kamal Chandra Upadhyay

5. Prof. Khemananda Sarmah Mishra

6. Dambar Dahal

7. Tulshi Kafle



ASSAM NEPALI SAHITYA SABHA brings you the shortest personal info and Photos of the Some Nepali Literary Figures of undivided Assam : Part - 1.

*** PATRON of Assam Nepali Sahitya Sabha

1) R. P. Sharma

2) Narayan Sharma

**** नेपाली पात्रो (NEPALI CALENDAR)


**1994 Sukanta Ka Kavitaharu (Karna Thami)

** 1997 Biraj Dulahi (Shiva Shamsher Rasaily)

**1998 Chandragupta (Chabilal Upadhyaya)

** 1999 Ardhabritta Jivanyatra (Kiran Kumar Rai)

** 2000 Krishnachandraka Katha (B. Yonjan)

** 2001 Brahmaputra Ka Chhalharoo (Durga Khatiwoda)

** 2002 Namghare (Shanti Thapa)

** 2003 Pal-Vipal (Subhas Deepak)

** 2004 Mero Desh Mero Manche Haru (Bhanu Chhetri)

** 2005 Hiren Bhattacharyako Nirbachita Kavita (Pushpadhar Sharma)

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**** Biodata of Nepali Writers

**** Nepali Writers Biodata Library

त्यहा दिए़को वर्णमालामा क्लिक गरेर आफुले चाहेको साहित्यिकको बिवरण पाउन सक्नु हुनेछ ।

**** नेपाली साहित्यकारहरुका नाम र कृतिहरू

मदन पुरस्कार पुस्तकालयद्वारा प्रस्तुत ।

**** नेपालभित्रका साहित्यकारका नाउँ र टेलिफोन नम्बर

टेलिफोन कोशमा नेपालभित्रका झन्नै ९०० जना साहित्यकारका नाउँ र टेलिफोन नम्बर रहेका छन् । कसैको नम्बर छुट र परिवर्तन भएमा हामीलाई खबर गरिदिनु होला ।

ठेगाना --
नइ प्रकाशन, काठमाडौं, नेपाल।


**** सिक्किममा भानु पुरस्कारद्वारा सम्मानित साहित्यकारहरू

1985 -श्री काशीराज प्रधान
1986 -श्री राम अपतन
1987 -श्री तुलसीराम शर्मा कश्यप
1988 - श्री कृपाशल्यान राई
1989 -श्री पदमसिंह सुब्बा अपतन
1990 -श्री. डा. लक्खीदेवी सुन्दास
1991 - श्री सानु लामा
1992 -श्री गिर्मी शेर्पा
1993 -डा शान्ति छेत्री
1994 - श्री. केदार गुरूङ
1995 - डा. घनश्याम नेपाल
1996 - श्री. गंगा कप्तान
1997 -
1998 - श्री सानुभाई शर्मा
1999 - श्री महानन्द पौड्याल
2000 -श्री पूर्ण राई
2001 - श्रीमती गीता शर्मा
2002 - श्री गहर-उदासी
2003 - श्री सुवास दिपक
2004 - श्री प्रेम थुलुङ
2005 -श्री उपमान बस्नेत
2006 - श्री उदयचन्द्र वशिष्ठ
2007 -श्री भीम दाहाल


सन् 1977 देखि आजसम्म नेपाली साहित्यमा साहित्य अकादमी, दिल्लीद्वारा पुरस्कृत साहित्यकारहरू एव कृतिहरूको सूची-
1. श्री. इन्द्रबहादुर राई
-उपन्यासका आधारहरू- (समालोचना)-1977
2. श्री शिवकुमार राई
-खहरे-(कथा संग्रह)-1978
3. श्री गुमानसिंह चामलिङ
-मौलो ( समालोचना)-1979
4. श्री ओकियामा ग्वाइन्
-सुनखरी (उपन्यास)-1980
5. श्री. असीत राई
-नयाँ क्षितिजको खोज-(उपन्यास) -1981
6. श्री एम.एम. गुरूङ
-बिर्सेका संस्कृति (लेख) - 1982
7. श्री इन्द्र सुन्दास
-नियति (उपन्यास) 1983
8. श्री रामचन्द्र गिरी
-समाज दर्पण - 1984
9. श्री. मत्स्येन्द्र प्रधान
-नीलकण्ठ (उपन्यास) 1985
10. श्री शरद् छेत्री
-चक्रब्यूँह (कथासंग्रह) 1986
11. श्री. लीलाबहादुर छेत्री
- ब्रम्हपुत्रको छेउछाउ 1987
12. श्री. पुष्पलाल उपाध्याय
-उषा मञ्जरी(काव्य)- 1988
13. श्री. तुलसी बहादुर छेत्री
-कर्ण-कुन्ती (खण्डकाव्य) 1989
14. श्री तुलसीराम शर्मा कश्यप-
15. श्री गिर्मी सेर्पा
-हिपोक्र्याट,चाँप-गुराँस र अन्य कविता 1991
16. श्री आर. पी. लामा
-इन्द्रधनुष (लेख संग्रह) 1992
17. श्री. सानु लामा
-मृगतृष्णा (कथा) 1993
18. डा. जीवन नामदुङ
-पर्यवेक्षक (समालोचना)1994
19. श्री. नगेन्द्रमणि प्रधान
-डा. पारसमणि प्रधानको जीवन यात्रा -1995
20, श्री. मोहन ठकुरी
निशब्द (कविता संग्रह) -1996
21. स्व. मणिप्रसाद राई
-वीर जातिको कहानी (लेख संग्रह)-1997
22. श्री मनप्रसाद सुब्बा-आदिम बस्ती- 1998
23. श्री. विक्रमवीर थापा-
विशौ शताब्दीको मोनालिसा (कथा)-1999
24. श्री रामलाल अधिकारी
निसंस्मरण (निबन्ध संग्रह) 2000
25. डा. लक्खीदेवी सुन्दास
-आहत अनुभूति (कथासंग्रह)- 2001
26. श्री. प्रेम प्रधान
-उदासीन रूखहरू (उपन्यास) -2002
27. श्रीमती विन्ध्या सुब्बा
-अथाह (उपन्यास) -2003
28. डा. जस योञ्जन प्यासी
-शान्ति-सन्देह (कविता संग्रह) -2004
29. श्री कृष्णसिंह मोक्तान-
जीवन गोरेटो-कथा संग्रह -2005
30. श्री भीम दाहाल
-द्रोह (उपन्यास) 2006
31. श्री लक्ष्मण श्रीमल
- कर्फ्यु (नाटक) २००७
(३२) Haimandas Rai - 2008
(33) Samiran Chhetri 'Priyadarshi'
- GAIRIGAON KI CHAMELI (Short Story) - 2009

**** PRESIDENT’S AND GENERAL SECRETARIES of Assam Nepali Sahitya Sabha

Conference Date Venue President G. Secretary

1) Convention (Adhoc) 19, 20 August/93 Hawaipur Dr. L. P. Parajuli Dr. H. B. Chetry

2) 1st Conference 15, 16, 17 Jan/98 Gamiripal Dr. L. P. Parajuli Kamal Upadhyay

3) 2nd Conference 14, 15, 16 Jan/04 Silchar Dr. L. P. Parajuli Tulsi Kafle

4) 3rd Conference 2, 3, 4 June/07 Disangmukh K. B. Chetry Madan Thapa


असम नेपाली साहित्य सभा पुरस्कार

Assam Nepali Sahitya Sabha has introduced an award namely "Assam Nepali Sahitya Sabha Puraskar" from 2005 AD onwards। The award is conferred to a personility eminent, aged who has contributed to the Nepali language and literature in a great deal।

Recipients of Assam Nepali Sahitya Sabha award ::--

1) Late Hari Prasad Gorkha Rai, 2005 A.D.

2) Late Bishnulal Upadhyay, 2005 A.D.

3) Sri Lil Bahadur Chetry, 2006 A.D.

4) Sri Hari Prasad Sarmah Khanal, 2007 A.D.

5) Sri Tarapati Upadhyay, 2008 A.D.

The award contains Rs. 5000, a felicitation card, a packet of books and a medal.
It has also proposed to introduce another award for the young writers for their first and best work viz - "Sahitya Prabhat Puraskar", for inspiring them. It is to be conferred after every 3 years.

**** SABHA SAMVAD :: Bulletin of Assam Nepali Sahitya Sabha

Sabha samvad is a Bulletin of Assam Nepali Sahitya Sabha. The first issue of this was published on 20th February 2005 at a seminar at Hojai. It was inaugrated by Dr. Laxmi Prasad Parajuli, President of Assam Nepali Sahitya Sabha.

2nd issue :- 19th August 2005

3rd issue :- 19th August 2006

4th issue :- 2nd June 2007

5th issue :- 1st September 2007

6th issue :- 19th August 2008

7th issue :- 26th July 2009

8th issue :- 13th September 2009

Editor :- Dambar Dahal, Literary Secretary, Assam Nepali Sahitya Sabha

Publisher : General Secretary, Assam Nepali Sahitya Sabha

SABHA SAMVAD includes latest activities of Assam Nepali Sahitya Sabha, President and Secretary’s columns, editorial, letters to the editor, letters sent and recieved, books recieved, important photos, list of life members etc.



Jiribasa : Karbi Anglong
mail -
Hello :- 09859123566, 09859744059, 09957520070